Often times, when a client calls upon a commercial locksmith in Ontario, they are looking to increase their business’s security.  In these cases, options such as upgraded commercial locks, security cameras, and even external fences are considered the best options.  These are all fairly reliable forms of heightened  security, as they cover different vulnerabilities.  A well-protected storefront might even have all of these utilized in conjunction with each other.  However, for either yet another layer of heightened security (for buildings requiring top-notch security standards) or even to be used on their own, alarm locks are durable, consistent, and reliable.    

Many people don’t know about the full benefits that come along with the installation of alarm locks.  For starters, they are great stand alone security features for any facility, warehouse, or office space.  For starters, alarm locks give you complete access control over your facility.  This means that the need for changing your locks or rekeying them every time there is a staff or other accessibility change is completely eliminated.  Instead, you can distribute, collect, activate, and deactivate access cards and passwords at your own will.  They are also extraordinarily easy to monitor and program, though honestly, most of these features go unused because they aren’t as well-known.  This article, provided by Locksmith Geeks, is intended to educate you about some of these lesser-known features.  That way, next time you use a commercial locksmith, you might consider installing alarm locks for the sake of their convenience, efficiency, and security.  

1. Cards & PINs

One of the most commonly known features of alarm locks is their ability to be opened with either access cards or assigned PIN passwords.  As previously stated above, this feature is extraordinarily beneficial, as it maximizes efficient access control.  It allows you to personally control who does and does not have access to your facility, without the consistent need of a locksmith.  For example, if an employee who once had high-security access were to quit, you could simply take his card back or program the alarm lock to no longer open for his card and/or pin.  On the other hand, if your facility is not equipped with an alarm lock, you’ll have to call a commercial locksmith for every security change of this nature.  They’ll most likely then rekey the lock and hand you a bill.  Obviously this can add up.  In short, with an alarm lock, only you have complete access control over your facility.  

2. Toggle Codes

A lesser-known feature of alarm locks is the ability to use toggle codes.  Toggle codes are specific passwords which allows the lock to be left in either a closed or open state.  This means that you can allow any particular card, PIN password, or even general user to have this functionality.  Toggle codes especially come in handy during situations where people are consistently moving in and out of a facility.  For example, If you were unloading a truck full of items into your facility, it would be extraordinarily inconvenient to have to re enter a PIN password or even to swipe a card every single time you had to open the door.  Toggle Codes are a very convenient feature of alarm locks, which often goes unutilized.    

3. One-Time CodesAlarm Lock Access Control

Oftentimes, if you need to give someone one-time access to your facility, it becomes inconvenient to have to circle back and get your key back from them.  The perfect solution to this problem is to utilize one-time codes!  A one-time code is fairly self explanatory:  It’s a PIN password that you give someone and then render it obsolete once you want to revoke their access.  This function is perfect for giving contractors temporary access to your facility.  It can also make it easier for them to come in and work during the weekend, so that no one else has to be there to let them in.  

4. Wireless Functionality

Most existing alarm locks may be upgraded so that they are compatible with wireless functionality.  Many new alarm locks already do come with wireless units, which makes them quite a bit more convenient to operate.  Perhaps the best aspect of this new and improved functionality is that wireless units may easily coexist and work together with exist units which are not wireless.  This means that upgrading is quite affordable and easy.  This wireless functionality means that you can have complete control over all of your alarm locks from one central database.  In other words, it will make your job managing the security of your facility much easier.    

5. History Reports

Perhaps the most beneficial and conversely, most underutilized feature of alarm locks is the ability to look at a detailed history of who has used each lock and when. Unfortunately, this feature has been seemingly difficult to manage in the past.  As a result, many people haven’t really even utilized it.  However, more modern alarm locks have made it much easier to utilize this function.  It can help you solve any access problems you may have, such as employees’ entry cards or PIN passwords not working.  It can also serve as another form of security.  Alarm locks keep track of, not only when they are used, but also when they are tried.  That means that anyone who even attempts to open your lock when they aren’t authorized to will be kept track of.  History reports are a powerful security tool and should not be overlooked.  Here’s a great video showing some basic programming tips for alarm locks. 


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