When it comes to protecting your business, there is no stronger frontline of defense than top quality commercial lock hardware.  But how can one tell which lock hardware will work best for them?  As with most other products, it is a sort of common knowledge that even the most well known and recognizable brands might not supply the highest quality products.  That’s why Locksmith Geeks is providing you with this list to help you find the best commercial lock hardware that’s right for you.  By following these steps, you can ensure that you and your business are protected.  

Know What Functionalities You Require

Although the focus of this article is on commercial locks, it wouldn’t make sense to discuss them without addressing additional commercial security hardware.  Although we’d like to think quality commercial locks are enough security for your business, there are just some things they simply cannot do.  

Your storefront door doesn’t have to be that of a bank vault to ensure that your business is safe.  Instead, you might want to consider installing a video camera or alarm system along with a basic commercial lock.  In fact, you might realize that you don’t want to focus your entire security budget on your storefront.  Perhaps there are windows in the back that you should focus cameras on or secure with external bars.  Video cameras can be useful in that they can help you see and understand and possible security problems.  On the most obvious level, if someone breaks into your business, you can watch the security footage to see what their point of entry was, if they immediately knew where the safe was, etc.  This knowledge can ultimately help you improve your storefront security.  Lastly, you can also set up a gate or fence around your business for an extra amount of external locking security.  In the end, it just helps to have an extra layer of security.

Many people don’t know about the full benefits that come along with the installation of alarm locks.  For starters, they are great stand alone security features for any facility, warehouse, or office space.  For starters, alarm locks give you complete access control over your facility.  This means that the need for changing your locks or rekeying them every time there is a staff or other accessibility change is completely eliminated.  Instead, you can distribute, collect, activate, and deactivate access cards and passwords at your own will.  They are also extraordinarily easy to monitor and program, though honestly, most of these features go unused because they aren’t as well-known.

Know That A Recognizable Brand Name Doesn’t Always Make for A Quality Productquality commercial locksmithing

Although you might recognize some lock brand names from Lowes or any other chain hardware store, you should understand that brand name locks don’t always equate to high security.  Some lock brands are actually infamous for providing low-quality security, despite having big sales reputations.  They often have security flaws which are well known about, despite advertising that they are trustworthy.  Many business owners make the mistake of investing a lot of money in brand name locks, only to be let down.  It is highly beneficial to do your own research before investing in both home and commercial locks.  There are many companies who consistently test locks for their levels of security and write reviews recommending buyers to either use or stay away from certain products and companies.  When shopping for locks, it is extraordinarily important to have a general idea of which lock companies to use and which ones to disregard.  For an extra bit of help with this knowledge, visit LocksmithGeeks.com or give us a call at  (909) 774-1444.  

Hire A Commercial Locksmith

Many storefront owners decide to simply use locks which are designed for home and private use.  This is not the fault of the buyer however, because, unless you are a commercial locksmith, you are probably not aware of the noticeable differences between private and commercial locks.  Most locks sold at Lowes and other chain hardware stores are not designed for storefront use and, thus, don’t provide the level of security a business needs.  Locks that are designed for storefronts are built to withstand more day-to-day wear and tear, and will thus save you more money in the long run by having a longer lifespan.  

Learn about Locksmith Geeks’ commercial locksmith services here. You’ll quickly find that we have no larger priority than your security.  From full lock changing jobs to rekeying to even simple commercial locksmith advice, we’re here to help you.  Visit us at LocksmithGeeks.com to learn more about our services!